I wanna be different

I wanna be different. I wanna be different from myself. And not in a bad way either. I just wanna look different, I wanna dress different I wanna find something new and different to me. I wanna be something that I can’t quite communicate. I wanna do something that matters to me, I wanna be […]

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Fear Bloody Central

So I don’t about you guys but I definitely have a fear! My fear is to do with small spaces and a lot of people! It’s about getting trapped and stuck and ugh it’s not fun to think about. It’s a bit of a strange one because small spaces on there own is kinda okay […]

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So you wanna be happy?

So you wanna be happy hey? I’ve got a few little tips for ya and guess what! They aren’t even hard and you know else, they are probably things you already do! My first tip is something that’ll make you look like a mad man for a few seconds so might be good to do […]

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Give it a whirl

Bohemians and love always seem to go hand in hand no matter what era we are in. Although some will disagree and some say the way the gypsies and hippies love is too causal or too free flowing it is pretty hard to not wonder why the bohemians and free thinkers have such a romantic […]

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