Give it a whirl

Bohemians and love always seem to go hand in hand no matter what era we are in. Although some will disagree and some say the way the gypsies and hippies love is too causal or too free flowing it is pretty hard to not wonder why the bohemians and free thinkers have such a romantic […]

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Silly Boho

Having a bohemian lifestyle or thought process is often seen as a “silly hippie thing” or unrealistic or even a gypsy evil thing. I know people think that because I have come across it. The reason why people see the idea of being a bohemian as wrong or evil or yes even silly is because […]

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Crystal Necklace!

Hello! And welcome to the tutorial section! For my first tutorial I am gonna show you how to create a net which you can use to wrap any type of crystal or gem or really whatever else you like! The steps are pretty easy, you don’t have to be a DIY super ar at all! […]

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I used to go to bed routinely at 9 pm every night for years. It was a routine, it was constant. Did I sleep well? Sure, sometimes, other nights I would drive myself crazy trying to get to sleep. Do I still follow that routine? No, not at all. The reason is pretty simple as […]

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