Fear Bloody Central

So I don’t about you guys but I definitely have a fear! My fear is to do with small spaces and a lot of people! It’s about getting trapped and stuck and ugh it’s not fun to think about.

It’s a bit of a strange one because small spaces on there own is kinda okay and big crowds on there own is totally fine! Yet you smash those two together and it’s all over red rover!

It’s literally a thing that come out of now where and is pretty specific. For example the other day I was on a bus sitting near the back and it was packed!! Like sardine in a can packed! I felt pretty stressed but just put my headphones in, texted the good old boyfriend, looked out the window and breathe on through it! I also got off as soon as it was possible..

Although I felt stressed and a little panicky I really took this as a win because in the past I just haven’t been able to deal with it at all! Or always freaked out really badly and basically not been able to get where ever I’ve wanted to go!

So basically I just wanted to share this for a few really simple reason. I wanted to let you guys know that finding mini wins is so good! Doesn’t matter how small they are, a win is a win and a win is progression! I felt pretty good to bet my fear a little bit and I know if I keep doing that and not letting it overwhelm me I will continue to more pass it.

The other reason is just realising that things take time. It’s unrealistic to put this idea in your head that’ll you get over a fear instantly or you’ll do something right away. Things take time and that’s okay! It’s completely and totally okay!

So really I guess I’m just saying that no matter the fear or the hurdle you have to jump over the best thing you can do is of course breathe, take your time and acknowledge the little wins you have! Don’t beat yourself up if you do freak out and don’t beat yourself up that no one else has the same fear. It’s okay. Always remember it’s okay and it’ll be fine!


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