So you wanna be happy?

So you wanna be happy hey?

I’ve got a few little tips for ya and guess what! They aren’t even hard and you know else, they are probably things you already do!

My first tip is something that’ll make you look like a mad man for a few seconds so might be good to do this one in private! The tip is to just smile! Seriously, force yourself to make a smile on your face and I’ll guarantee you that’ll you end up actually smiling!  Sure this one isn’t gonna magically make you feel happy but it nice to feel what a smile feels like especially if you haven’t had one in a while, also it’s a bit silly and that’s good too!


My my other tip ( and this one always works for me) is what something funny! Get on YouTube and looks up apollo comedy or the Ellen show or whatever you enjoy, it’ll make you smile and maybe even laugh!


my last big tip is something really important, and something we often forget. But it’s too give yourself a break! And remember that happiness is a state of feeling and being not something you have to achieve! It’s not like getting good grades or graduation uni or getting a job and buying a house. It isn’t a goal rally, it just a feeling so if you don’t feel it that’s okay! But you can do little thing that make you happy every day like watching a show you like, smiling to yourself, eating food you love and just taking the mini wins every day!

Happiness  will come, you’ll feel happy, maybe not every day but you will be happy! You can be, go easy on yourself. Don’t make happiness a goal. Have other goals like buying a house or finishing all the movies in a series. Achieving those goals will make you happy but trying to hit a goal of being happy will never ever ever make you happy.


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