I thought I told you?

I thought I told you, is a phrase I think we had all said a thousand times and each time it’s either followed with a sad or annoyed tone. And why? Well because it’s annoying and kind of disappointing when someone just doesn’t listen to you. When they just don’t hear you, when you feel like they can’t be bothered to remember what you told them.

You mat also think what does that have to do with living freely. For me, I used to care so much and be so upset when someone didn’t listen to me or remember something important. I would always think why can’t they just listen to me, I remember what they have told me, why can’t they do the same?

But then I had a little moment and realised not everything has to be a negative reflection of me and my importance to a person. Maybe what I said to them wasn’t as high up there on the importance ladder as it is on mine. Maybe they have other worries and concerns, maybe I spoke while they were already occupied with something, or maybe it just wasn’t something they thought, I thought was important.

In in any case all those reasons are actually okay, it’s okay to not be the topic on people’s minds. It’s okay for people close to you to forget things you have said because they have lives too. It’s okay for your best friend to forget something that has happened because while you’re living your life they are living theirs.

sure it’s a bit shitty and it kinda sucks, but you change your view point, if you realise things are always an attack on you and if you start to love with the idea that you are important and you are enough then you’ll still say that phrase but it’s meaning to you will change. You’ll ask with a curious tone, because maybe you didn’t actually tell them in the first place.

Of course it’s so nice when someone remembers what you told them, but you know if they don’t that’s okay too. Just because they forgot doesn’t mean you’re any less to them and it doesn’t mean you’re not important.


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