5 things you should do every day!

Yep, that’s right in this blog I’m going to share 10 things that I do everyday and that I think others should do every day!!

They are pretty simple and yes sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting them hehe but overall they are. Things I do everyday that have helped me stay calm be happier and pretty much helped me get over any obstacle that I find myself at.

Living freely and like a bohemian is all about mind set so these are ways that I changed mine and kept myself happy!

Number 1: Breathe!!! It’s so simple and yep we do it every day without thinking about to so we know it’s not hard! But breathing deeply and in a controlled way is such a calming tool for you to focus on using whenever you feel overwhelmed or nervous or just when you feel a bit ou of breath!

Number 2: Smile! Another thing we all do and something we don’t have to think too make about. Of course there is all those naturally good hormones that get released when we smile but above that smiling and laughing is such a great way to relax and to take step back! Find a funny video or picture or something that you know will make you smile when you’re having a crappy day. I know when we are done we don’t want to do that but yeah why not give it a go!

Number 3: Sit outside! Going out into the sunlight and the fresh air just because you can and you want too is the best feeling I swear! When we go outside there is usually a reason like you are going somewhere or your with someone and they are absolutely great reasons to be outside but going out side on you’re ow.n and just kicking back is so good for your body and your mind. It gives you a chance to breathe, relax, take the day in and above all gives you the sense of time and gives you your alone time which is very good for a positive mind!

Number 4: Try relax on the caffine! Don’t get me wrong I have the morning coffees to get me through the day when I’m so tired I’m like the walking dead, but filling yourself with coffee or energetic drinks every day a few times a day ain’t the best thing for you. Instead try a juice, a tea or just eat clean healthy food that’ll fuel you’re body. Caffeine has a crazy affect on your brain and can make a lot of things worse like anxiety, panic and yes even some pain so if you take a step back from it you may feel a little more tired st first but overall you’ll feel great! And probably feel like you have more energy!

Lucky last Number 5: Do something for you! This took me ages to figure out! But everyday if you do something that you love and do something that you want too and that you enjoy without worrying about what others will think then you’re mind will love you! Now this can be anything, it can be watching thrash Rv or seeing a friend, playing with a pet, having a nap, doing nothing, playing a game the list goes on. Anything that you love and that gives you feelings of happiness is something that you deserve to do every day!

So there you have it 5 things that everyone should do every day!!


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