Panic aint got Sh*t on you

Your knees are weak and your palms are sweaty but his isn’t the start of an Eminem song. In reality it is how a panic or anxiety attack can start. Now you might be wondering what does that have to do with the bohemian lifestyle?

Well one can really help the other if you’re open to it. Anxiety and panic are things that can just come out of no where and that’s certainly what happened to me. Most of the time there isn’t a reason for these attacks to happen at all. Our wires get crossed and then it all starts. The feelings of not being able to breathe, fasts heart beat, feeling faint, sweating, tingling, numbness and the list can go on all start to happen.

When you’re living in a stressful environment or you’ve had something that wasn’t great happen to you in the past the result is not great, but if you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks there is a way out that doesn’t involve having to take medication. It just involves trying to re-wire your brain and finding techniques that help you!

Trying to element stresses is a great first step. Creating a space in your house just for you where you can go and relax and clear your mind is perfect and will be so incredibly beneficial. In that space you can write everything that stresses you out, or things you want to achieve or things you want to change and yes even things you are happy with down. Get them all out of your head. It honestly does the world of good!

After doing that here are some helpful tips for getting those yucky feelings under control and always remember anxiety is uncomfortable it’s not dangerous. You will not faint, nothing bad is going to happen to your body.

1. BREATHE! In through the nose out through the mouth.
2. Sing a song in your head or listen to music. Distraction is key
3. Call or text a friend
4. Drink some water
5. Get in the fresh air
6. Look out a window
7. Close your eyes
8. Reassure yourself that you are okay! It’ll only last for 10mins or so.
And 9. Know that it’s okay and you aren’t a freak or being silly

Living freely is all about how you feel. Give yourself a break and relax the best you can. We have all had yucky things happen and anxiety is just part of life unfortunately, but it doesn’t have to be a constant. Remember to breathe, be honest, be open, be brave, try news things and try the tips above! You’ll be okay! You can live without all these extra worries, you just have to start today.


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