Give it a whirl

Bohemians and love always seem to go hand in hand no matter what era we are in. Although some will disagree and some say the way the gypsies and hippies love is too causal or too free flowing it is pretty hard to not wonder why the bohemians and free thinkers have such a romantic and easy view on love.

The whole bohemian style is romantic and free flowing, the hair, the ideals, the fashion, the bohemian authors, poets and the lifestyle is so simple yet clearly quite effective when it comes to love and all things in life.

The idea to take away outside pressures and expectation and worries really does make sense when it comes to relationships but that’s not always an easy thing to achieve.

Living with pressures and stress can make it almost impossible to share your life and its inner working with someone fully and happily. As a 21 year old girl most would say what do I know about it? And that I live in a fairyland. Well the truth is like most, when I was 17-19 I was most definitely in a fairyland with all these ideas of love and an expectation that my relationships should be perfect and nothing bad was ever going to happen. Now let me tell you, my first relationship was a train wreck. An absolute shit show. But now a good couple years later and living with the knowledge I now have, my relationship has never been more true or easy even when we yell and scream and disagree.

Let me explain why that is too, after my first “love” I realised that I didn’t need to be perfect, I didn’t need to have all these pressures of what love should be, I didn’t need to stress or worry, I didn’t need to pretend and I certainly didn’t need to try and change myself to fit the person. What I did need was honestly, truth, openness, forgiveness, exploration and my truth self.

If you have had a little look see on my other little scribbles you’ll already know those things are kinda key to living freely and like a bohemian. I think that’s why the bohemians and the boho style had the whole love thing down pat. It’s not about being perfect at all, it’s not about living in a wonderful fairy land and it’s not always free flowing causal sex between like minded people. It is however, about being honest and creative and open and everything we tend to shy away from.

The idea of getting hurt sucks, getting hurt in relationships feels like you’re gonna die but if you can find these free living lessons and come to the realisation that living a little on the bohemian side isn’t unrealistic and could be exactly what you need then all that hurt and effort isn’t a waste at all. Not at all. Not even close.


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