Silly Boho

Having a bohemian lifestyle or thought process is often seen as a “silly hippie thing” or unrealistic or even a gypsy evil thing. I know people think that because I have come across it. The reason why people see the idea of being a bohemian as wrong or evil or yes even silly is because of how it has been presented and portrayed in the past.

Now with that in mind it is fair enough for people to have those ideas although they are completely false and the furthest thing from the reality of being a bohemian.

Being a bohemian is define as someone who lives socially unconventionally or by Urban dictionary, which just happens to be one my favourite ‘dictionary sites’, defines it as someone who lives by the ideals of truth, love and freedom. Someone who does their own thing.

See there is nothing bad there, some may find it totally non achievable and yes still think it’s silly but I just have always disagreed.

I haven’t always lived like a free spirit or done my own thing or ever considered myself to live anything close to the bohemian idea, but I have found my own way of doing that now. Being a bohemian doesn’t mean you live out of a car or go camping or wear super out there stuff, for me it just means to live with truth and love and freedom. You and I both have the freedom to do what we please even if it doesn’t feel like it. You can say no, you can say yes, you can do whatever you like. You and I deserve the truth and we also deserve to tell it even if it may hurt another. We also all deserve to be loved and to feel love. Not just from or for a person but for our lives or for a night or for an object that means something to us.

So, really what the purpose of this blog is,  to just share what I believe a bohemian lifestyle is and how we should view it. As well as just kinda throwing the idea out there that there is often more to things than we think and it might not be so bad to live by those 3 ideals.


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