Crystal Necklace!

Hello! And welcome to the tutorial section! For my first tutorial I am gonna show you how to create a net which you can use to wrap any type of crystal or gem or really whatever else you like! The steps are pretty easy, you don’t have to be a DIY super ar at all! I have written exactly what you have to do at each stage!

Step One: Find yourself some string or twine any type will do. In these pictures I have used standard house hold cotton string. Once you have found the string cut it into 4 20cm pieces. Fold the strings in half and make a slip knot in the middle of the string, just like the picture below. Then separate the strings into groups of two as you can see below.  IMG_4092.JPG

Step Two: Create slip knots with each pair close to the top. This will begin the pattern which creates the net.



Step Three: Now with the second strand of one pair and the first strand of the next pair make a slip knot to connect them together. Do this for every pair, like you can see in the picture below. Continue to do this down making sure to never create the slip knots to far from one another.


Step Four: Continue this step, and you will see and net affect starting to happen.


Step Five: Now once you have create a a solid net shape grab your crystal or stone and place it in the middle of net, like you can see in the picture. Make sure it fits nicely as you don’t want it to fall out!


Step Six: Now you have the crystal in it’s net nice and tightly it’s time to use the bottom strings to secure it. Take the strings, as you can see in the picture and tie then tightly together. Do this all the way around the stone.



Step Seven: Once you have tied them all up we are now going to make another slip knot with all the loose strings. This will secure the stone into place.


Step Eight: The final step is to grab another piece of string and measure to the right length for you. Loop the the string though the first slip knot we made and there you have it! You have made you’re first wrap necklace! Of course this take time so don’t worry if you don’t get it one the first try! It took me a few times to get it right but I did and you will too!



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